How does Prestige Dining Club® work?

You can use your Prestige® membership when dining with another person at any of the participating restaurants in our program which are listed on our webpage and in our APP. You and your guest order 2 entrees from the restaurant’s regular menu. When the check arrives, simply present your Prestige Member ID card and the price of the least expensive (or equally priced) entree will be deducted from your check – up to $20.

How often can I use my card at each restaurant?

Your Prestige® card is valid one time at each of the more than 50 participating restaurants.

Why can I only go to each restaurant one time?

The Prestige® card is designed to offer you an incentive to give the restaurant a try and see if you like it.  It gets you to try places you didn’t know about or haven’t been to.  It also gives you a savings at restaurants that you visit often.  If you enjoyed your visit, we highly encourage you to let everyone know what a great time you had.

Why do restaurants participate in Prestige Dining Club®?

The restaurants participate in Prestige Dining Club® for the advertising and promotion to attract new customers to their restaurant. Most Prestige® members purchase extra items such as appetizers, drinks and desserts, which helps offset the restaurant’s costs. But even if they don’t, the co-workers and friends they talk to about their experience dining at the restaurant help with repeat business to the restaurant.

Why aren't restaurants like Applebee's®, Olive Garden® or Red Lobster® in the Prestige® program?

Many restaurants are part of large multi-state or national chains which will not allow their locations to do any marketing other than what is approved corporately for all locations. Prestige® works directly with local restaurant owners and managers to support local business in our communities.

Is there a spending requirement at the restaurant?

There are NO minimum spending requirements other than the purchase of one entree at regular menu prices.

How many Prestige cards can be used at one time?

You can use up to 3 Prestige® cards if there are 6 people dining at one time. Restaurants are not required to accept any Prestige® cards in parties larger than 6.

If I have one Prestige® card, but I am dining with another couple, how many entrees will be deducted?

There would be one entree deducted in your party. In order to have 2 entrees deducted, you would need to have 2 Prestige® cards and 4 people dining.

How do the restaurants know that I have already dined there?

On the back of your Member ID card are numbers. Each restaurant in our program is assigned a specific number. When you present your card for your free entree, the restaurant will punch a hole through their program number, showing you have dined there.  If you revisit a restaurant that you’ve already used your membership at, be sure to let them know the Prestige is the reason you came in the first place.  They love hearing from our members!

How do I know the restaurant will honor my Prestige® Card?

The owner or authorized manager of each restaurant participating with Prestige Dining Club® signs a legally binding contract to honor Prestige® cards as stipulated on their contract. In the event any Prestige® member card is refused, the member should contact Prestige Dining Club® within 72 hours (Yes, OUR member service department is available year round!) Prestige Dining Club’s® President will investigate the situation.