How It Works


Buy one entree, get one FREE – up to $20!

Your Prestige Dining Club membership offers a Buy One – Get One Free at many of the areas finest restaurants. Each restaurant welcomes you for one visit during the life of your membership.  Prestige Dining Club is currently available in Columbus and Dayton, Ohio and coming very soon to Metro Atlanta!

Our goal is to encourage diners to dine at one of our participating restaurant partners, possibly one you never tried before giving you an opportunity to enjoy new dining experiences. Your Prestige Dining Club (PDC) membership includes a plastic member ID card that is valid for one year (Columbus and Atlanta) or 6 months (Dayton). When you dine at one of our participating partners restaurant, you and your guest will be able to order 2 entrees from the restaurant regular price menu. The simplicity of the program makes using the card very discrete! When you are ready to pay, simply present your Prestige membership card and the restaurant will deduct the least expensive entree from your check, up to $20. The Buy One – Get one Free offer is available for two people only with the lesser priced entrée dish being free. Side dishes and extras are not included. The restaurant will validate your membership card by punching a small hole through their assigned number on the back of your card.

You can access PDC restaurants details anytime from your tablet or mobile device conveniently with our APP, which is perfect for when you’re out and about. This gives you the ability to search by cuisine, location and city. You can also highlight a restaurant that you have already visited making it easy for you to see where you’ve been. The mobile app is very user friendly and makes finding your restaurant easy!

NEW FOR 2017!!!!

Restaurants will come and go on the program at various dates.  Restaurants leaving the program will have a good through date listed on their page.  Please use the website or our app to keep current on the restaurants.  NEW restaurants will be added throughout the year.  Be on the lookout for the NEW sign on the restaurant page for the 1st 30 days a restaurant is on the program. 

To keep up to date, download the Prestige Dining Club App on your mobile today, click HERE.

Support our Restaurant Partners!

 It is important that the Prestige Dining Club work for both PDC members and the participating restaurants. We also encourage members to consider the paid for drinks, rather than just the free water. This encouragement reflects the idea that the program works for everyone, our PDC members and our participating restaurant partners!

If everyone respects the program, our participating restaurants will continue to reciprocate that same respect to our members by offering this one of a kind discount!

ENJOY dining at many great restaurants with No Minimum Spending Requirements! No Embarrassing Coupons or Computer Vouchers to present at restaurants! ONE PRESTIGOUS CARD, gives you your choice of 10, 15, 20 … 50 or more restaurants to dine at with our exclusive Buy One Entrée – Get One Free incentive offer.  Sample a wide variety of restaurants to suit every taste and mood. Enjoy the dining experience that only  Prestige Dining Club can offer.

General Rules

Your Prestige Dining Club Card entitles you to one free entrée at each of our participating restaurants when another entrée of equal or greater value is purchased at the same time. There is no splitting of the check because our program is designed for couples or larger parties. Your membership card may be used once at each restaurant and can only be used on the days and/or times specified on each restaurant’s page. Information on restaurants is subject to change at anytime so its important that you check either the website or our mobile app prior to dining.  You must pay for anything not included in the menu price of your entrée.  Appetizers, desserts, beverages, and side dishes are extra.  Sales tax, when applicable, is calculated on the total before discount.

Entree Rules

Not Valid on:

  1. Buffets
  2. Children’ and Senior’s menus
  3. Promotions, Specials and/or other discounts
  4. Entrées designated as serving more than one person
  5. Combination Entrées
  6. All you can eat Entrées
  7. Must dine in-no carry out!

Pizza/Calzone Rule

When ordering a pizza or calzone, an individual portion of the plain cheese version is deducted.  If there is not an individual size specified, a small will be considered an individual entrée.  Larger sizes are not considered individual entrées and will not be deducted.  Additional items/toppings are extra.  Each restaurant has discretion on whether or not it will accept multiple people dining on same pizza or calzone.


Prestige cards are not valid on the following holidays:  Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sweetest Day (3rd Saturday in October), Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day.

Tipping Policy

As a member of Prestige Dining Club, our restaurants welcome you as privileged guests.  To allow us to maintain and expand your extensive selection and quality of restaurants, please tip the wait staff at least 18% on the total bill BEFORE your deduction is made.

Lost and/or Stolen Cards

Prestige Dining Club membership cards are NOT replaceable.  It is not a credit card and is nontransferable.  Membership cards are the responsibility of the member and neither Prestige Dining Club or member restaurants are responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced cards.

Dining in Groups

A maximum of three membership cards may be used at one time, if there are a corresponding number of people paying for entrées.  Memberships may not be used for parties, banquets, or in groups larger than six.

General Information

Prestige Dining Club is not responsible for any participating restaurant that does not honor your membership.  In the rare event a member restaurant doesn’t honor your card, please do not argue with the restaurant.  You may report any such occurrence to Prestige Dining Club within 48 hours.  Please be prepared to submit your receipt for review.  Prestige Dining Club reserves the right to revoke any membership for violation of any of the rules.  Asking member restaurants to “bend” the rules is not condoned and will result in your membership being revoked.