Restaurant Owners/GM’s

Restaurant Owners:

Prestige Dining Club offers a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy to attract new customers. Prestige markets to the consumer an opportunity to join the club and experience a high quality dining experience at a select number of restaurants. Prestige Dining Club focuses solely on the 120 participating restaurants on the program.

  • Members can only visit each restaurant once in a 12 month card cycle.
  • Restaurant owners have the option to give a discount but not validate the card. Great feature if PDC member spends a significant amount of money in the restaurant.
  • Cards carry a $20 cap per restaurant visit.
  • Staff members punch the number on the physical card to validate the visit. No need to log codes or id numbers to validate the visit.
  • Members names will appear on cards so you can call them by name. Get to know your customers!
  • A select number of restaurant partners not to exceed 120.
  • The program is absolutely FREE of charge.
  • Our digital marketing platforms are exclusive to restaurants partners. Increase traffic to your restaurant, your website and gain valuable feedback from dining card members; our platforms run on Apple and Android and are the latest in mobile marketing / search technology.

PDC stresses that the card can used only once in a 12 month cycle. Many discount programs that feature unlimited use cards or unlimited coupons tend to look good on the surface, in actuality the programs tend to attract consumers that are already patronizing your restaurant. The Prestige Dining Club Card provides restaurants a great opportunity to gain new customers on a regular basis.


Our restaurant consultant can show you the program in 10 minutes or less. Please contact us at 614-985-6700 and a consultant will contact you for a short meeting.