How does Prestige Dining Club work?

You can use your Prestige Dining Club (PDC) membership when dining with another person at any of our partner restaurants (a full list of these restaurants are listed on our website and in our app). Upon arrival, present your PDC card to your server. When you and your guest order  two (2) entrées and two (2) beverages (alcohol or non-alcohol) from the restaurant’s regular menu, the price of the lesser entrée will be deducted from your bill—a value up to $20!


How often can I use my card at each restaurant?

Your PDC card is valid one (1) time at each of the participating restaurants; however, Prestige Dining Club is partnered with over 50 restaurants and is growing all the time. Trust us, you won’t run out of options.


Why can I only go to each restaurant one time?

The Prestige Dining Club membership is designed to offer you an incentive to visit a restaurant you may not have tried otherwise. If you enjoy your experience at our partner restaurants, we highly encourage you to let your friends and family know about the great experience you had!


Why do restaurants participate in Prestige Dining Club?

Our partner restaurants participate in Prestige Dining Club for the advertising and promotion opportunities. Prestige Dining Club attracts new customers. Restaurants recognize that PDC members share their experience with friends and family. We get a lot of joy knowing that we help restaurants find a base of loyal customers. Better yet, Prestige Dining Club’s partner restaurants don’t have to pay fees for this promotion.


Why aren’t restaurants like Applebee’s, Olive Garden or Red Lobster in the Prestige Dining Club Program?

Many restaurants are part of large multi-state or national chains that will not allow their locations to participate in any marketing other than what is approved for all locations on a corporate level. Prestige Dining Club works directly with local restaurant owners and managers to support small businesses in our communities.


Is there a spending requirement at a restaurant?

There are no minimum spending requirements other than the purchase of one entrée at regular menu prices. Entrées and prices vary by restaurant. Ask your server what qualifies as an entrée if you have any questions or concerns before ordering.


What makes a great dining experience?

Try other items! We highly encourage PDC members to purchase other items like appetizers, drinks and desserts. This helps offset the restaurant’s costs of applying PDC promotions, while providing you with a great dining experience. You’re saving money already. Why not treat yourself to a little bit more?


How do I tip my server?

Always tip on the “top line” of your total before the PDC discount is applied. This gives your server a positive impression of Prestige Dining Club members.


Can I “stack or bundle” my PDC card with other discounts or promotions at a restaurant?

No, you cannot include your PDC card with any other discounts or promotions.


How many Prestige cards can be used at one time?

You can use up to three (3) Prestige cards if there are six (6) people dining at one time. Restaurants are not required to accept any PDC cards in parties larger than six (6).

In this situation, three (3) entrées are deducted (an entrée from each pair). However, if you only have one (1) PDC card, only one (1) entrée will be deduced from one pair of customers. In parties of six (6), three (3) PDC cards must be presented in order to have three (3) entrées deducted.


How can I keep track of the restaurants I have already dined at?

On the back of your PDC membership ID card, there are 120 numbers. Each restaurant in our program is assigned to a specific number. When you present your card for your free entrée, your server will punch a hole through their restaurant’s number, thus marking that you have dined there.

In addition, you can keep track of your card(s) and the restaurants you have dined at by registering each card in our Prestige Dining Club app. You can download our app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

If you revisit a restaurant that you have already redeemed your membership at, be sure to let them know that Prestige Dining Club is the reason you came in the first place. They love hearing from our members!


How do I know that a restaurant will honor my PDC card?

The owner or authorized manager of each restaurant participating with Prestige Dining Club signs a legally binding contract to honor PDC cards as stipulated on said contract. In the event that any Prestige Dining Club member card is refused, the member should contact Prestige Dining Club at (614) 985-6700 within 72 hours. We will then investigate the situation.