June 06, 2018

Save $1000

The way-too-easy method to save over $1000 with Prestige Dining Club


How many times a week do you go out to eat? Once? Twice? Once a day? More than ten times a week?

If you’re like me, you eat out more than you like to admit. If you’re like me, you spend money more on eating out at restaurants than you like to believe. It adds up fast.

Consider the following:

On the low end, Americans ate out an average of 3.8 times per week, according to a Zagat survey. On the high end, Americans averaged eating at a restaurant over 5 times weekly. Oh, and that doesn’t include breakfast (the most overpriced restaurant meal of the day). That means that the average American is eating out 4, maybe even 5 times a week. Again, that’s the average American. So if an average meal at a restaurant lands around $10, the normal American diner can end up spending $2400.00 per year at restaurants. Again, that’s the American normal!

That number is likely even higher, Here’s what that’s not counting:

  • Drinks with dinner
  • Breakfasts
  • Normal groceries for home
  • Costs after tip (when applicable)

Imagine how much bigger that number can grow!

Oh, we forgot. That’s only for single person households. Married or in a committed relationship? You might as well double the costs. Does this sound crazy? It is.

What makes us keep going back to restaurants?

Despite an awareness of the costs, we still love restaurants. What is it that keeps us coming back? Why can we never seem to just give up on eating out?

Because we love the restaurant experience.

In a single trip dining out, we can get all this and more that we can’t get at home:

  • An experience with a friend or coworker
  • A place to talk, socialize, and get out of the house
  • A great connection with wait staff
  • Access to full bars of your favorite drinks to pair with dinner
  • Menus filled with handcrafted dishes from skilled chefs
  • The fun of going out and experiencing a restaurant and its environment
  • An introduction to a different culture
  • Knowing you’ve supported a (sometimes local) business
  • No dirty dishes
  • And of course, a better meal than you could have cooked yourself!

We could even add to this list, but you get the picture. People love going to restaurants, but the costs of great dining experiences turn wonderful meals into a financial headaches later on.

When we spend money like crazy, it often leads to feelings of guilt. Realizing that a decade of dining out could have cost you a year’s salary is a tough pill to swallow. Sadly, instead of motivating us to change our spending habits for the better, these types of realizations can cause us to turn a blind eye to our spending and become even more irresponsible.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are real ways to eat at restaurants, enjoy great food, and save money at the same time. Yes, you read that right.

So what is the solution?

Yes. For 40 years, we’ve believed in dining at your favorite restaurant without breaking the bank.

Prestige Dining Club offers its members access to its exclusive restaurant partnerships. For only $59.99 a year, members are able to redeem one-of-a-kind deals with over 90 of our restaurant partners. That’s a lot of eating out.

But when it comes to saving money, here are the facts:

  • The least valuable Prestige Dining Club deal is still worth $8.00—higher than the average cost of a Chipotle burrito.
  • The most valuable Prestige Dining Club deal is worth $20.00—the cost of a gourmet entrée at an elegant restaurant.
  • On average, most Prestige Dining Club members are saving $14.00 each time they redeem one of our deals with a Prestige Dining Club restaurant partner.

So how can you save $1000 a year with Prestige Dining Club?

Let’s say you’re the below average restaurant diner. You only go out to eat twice a week. Is the cost of a Prestige Dining Club membership still worthwhile?

The answer is simple. Yes.

To cover your membership cost and save $1000 in a year, you only need to use your Prestige Dining Club membership 1.45 times a week. That’s more than 3 restaurant visits less than the average American diner. How crazy is that?

With over 90 Prestige Dining Club restaurant partners, and with more being added all the time, there becomes virtually no ceiling to how much a Prestige Dining Club member is able to save on their dining costs. The more you take advantage of

your Prestige Dining Club membership, the more money you’ll save on restaurant spending.

There are no catches, gimmicks, or “gotchas!” in the fine print. Prestige Dining Club is the real deal. We’re ready to help you start saving money while you eat great food.